Belize and my Top 3 Nutrition Tips for Traveling

Belize and my Top 3 Nutrition Tips for Traveling

Our trip to Belize and my top 3 traveling tips for nutrition!

Flashback 3 years ago, you could find my husband and I searching for properties available in San Pedro, Belize. We hadn’t even visited at this point but the promise of fresh seafood, fishing, the ocean breeze, and a golf cart as a means of transportation was already enough to sell us.

Now, as a married couple living in the concrete jungle of Houston, Texas, we appreciate any time on an island or exploring around nature. San Pedro, Belize was more than we expected and lit another fire in our little exploring-dream chasing-soul searching souls.

The first question we get asked is “Where did you stay” typically followed by an assumed list of well-known resorts.

Hard pass on that captain. That’s just not what floats our boat – to each their own, right?

We wanted to stay at a local’s place and fully immerse ourselves in all that Ambergris Caye has to offer. We stayed at a native taxi driver’s house, booked through Airbnb, right outside the heart of San Pedro, known as The Mayan View. A 3-story home that offers a top floor where you can climb to the roof at night for sunset watching or peeking around town. But let’s be honest, very little time was spent there because San Pedro offered so much for us to do and see. Some of our favorite experiences we had in San Pedro are pictured below.

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To be honest “immersing myself” involves a lot of exploration of food, that’s a real thing, right? There is some fly fishing bundled up in all this too, but if you’ve ever been out on a boat all day patrolling the water for fish, you too can appreciate a good meal (bonus if it’s on the water prepared by your guide). 

So, how the heck do you enjoy all the food while traveling and not gain 10 pounds? So frequently on follow up calls my ears hear “I’m leaving out of the country next week, so I am sure I’ll be gaining weight”.

Guess what Gwenovere or Gus? That’s absolutely NOT true.

Here are a few of my tips for traveling I’d like to share with you:

  1. Walk to as many of your locations as possible – get those steps in!

On Ambergris Caye, we walked everywhere even if locals said it was “far”. Keep in mind the entire island is 24 miles, map things out and trek on! Walking around allows you to interact with others and pay attention to all the little things that you may have missed otherwise.

1.If you work out, try a local gym! This can be fun and provide the opportunity to meet locals and get the scoop on where to find other fun activities. Added bonus, walk to the local gym. Yay more steps!!

When traveling it’s very interesting to see what the town offers in regard to fitness. All gyms will have their own spin on things. You can also meet locals and gain insight on some hidden gems. We met the owners of a local bar and were taken by golf cart by our CrossFit coach to one of his favorite coffee shops – which ended up being a spot we visited every day. In Belize, we highly recommend trying Crossfit Wolf and Belize Fitness!

3. Try out local restaurants – enjoy the food while still being mindful of portions.

Local food tends to offer a fresh experience. We met a French couple that had a dream of opening a French bakery “somewhere lost in the world” and that’s exactly what they did. They have a coffee shop attached with some of the sweetest employees who became more like friends during our stay – and the coffee is top notch! This is Flight Cafe — go,go,go!

We also went on a guided fishing trip and our guide recommended two places which turned out to be our two favorite dining spots in San Pedro.

The Hungry Grouper is a small street side restaurant with very little seating and a little longer wait for your food – because it’s THAT fresh. The staff suggests their “special” of the night which is most likely created an hour before dinner is served. Can’t forget to mention the complimentary dessert – everyone was begging for the recipe.

Caramba was another special place – if you see fresh seafood on the sidewalk, do yourself a favor and stop in! This place lets you pay a set price or choose your seafood and method of preparation. I love experiences like this!



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