Date night get’s spiced up!


Look here, I don’t mean spicing up date night just for your significant other. It’s time you treat yourself, your family, and your friends right. Need ideas for a budget friendly- date night option? I’ve got you. You have no budget at all? Cool, I’ve got something for you too!

Let’s talk about those unplanned date nights. You know, the one where everyone points at each other to decide what to eat or where to go?

Everyone loves that – especially after a long week..said no one ever.  Well, no worries friends, because I have a few ideas for you! I am about to share my 3 tips on how to bring back the spice in your life! 

  • It’s date night and you don’t know where to go for dinner?
  • You want to stay in your pajamas but have a good time?
  • It’s your turn to cook for family dinner night and you have no ideas?
  • Tired of the same thing over and over again?
  • Cooking on a budget is boring?
  • It’s girls’ night or guys night and you have no clue what to make?

Do any of these sound familiar on a date night or do you look like that when asked where to go?

If you’ve never experienced any of these – I’m slightly jealous. I’m also quick to admit I am indecisive Indie and never truly map out the entireeee week. To be quite honest, even when I have mapped it all out… I overthink the idea, and I’m left with the facial expression pictured above. 


#1 : Use popsicle sticks!


Sure, look at me like I am crazy through that computer screen and thank me later JYou can find a jar of these on our dining room window seal.

What do I do with them?

Step One:

Create two separate mason jars (or any jar)

Jar #1:  Love experiencing regions through food? Label 12 sticks with different places you’d like to travel to or a destination you love! Set the mood! Having friends/family over? Let it be a themed dinner.

Play the music from that region/culture – you might find a new jam. Feeling super adventurous? Play a game from that region.

And most importantly, cook items that are known in that region! Get out of your comfort zone.

Pinterest has so many options and features dishes from all kinds of places!

Follow my board to get some ideas (will be adding to this) J

Jar #2: Label 12 with your favorite restaurant spots or places you want to go! 

No more sitting around flip-flopping on what you are craving or wasting precious Friday nights deciding where to eat.

Zack and I recently decided we will do this twice/month – alternating turns and letting it be a surprise for the other person.

You could do this with your significant other, your children, and family/friends! This allows us to have fun date nights and stick to our proposed budget.

Budget—less? Pick a quick weekend getaway that revolves around some kind of culinary experience you’ve been looking at. Maybe you scrolled by it on Instagram? Make that one of your popsicles stick ideas! 

#2: Take out Fake out!

Looking to dine at home more? We were at this restaurant in Houston (the kind where you have to become friends because you are sitting SO close to each other). The couple next to us were picking out their two meals they were going to try and “copycat” that week for meal prep!

You could tell they were going to have a “cooking showdown”, it was a little competitive, which is awesome! So, if you are the type of person that loves experimenting in the kitchen – this could be a fun thing for you to implement!

#3: Find a service you enjoy!

Don’t have time to come up with ideas? That’s why they’ve created companies that allow you to have easy ideas shipped to your home! 

My mom purchased a small subscription for me from “Spice Breeze” and I loved it! It allows you to taste “global foods” without having to go out and search for the spices and recipes! They make it so simple, as in, it just shows up on your door step monthly. Their prices range from 6.80-11.99 per month AND they come with 2-4 recipes in addition to the pre-measured spices for your meal!

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